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Polymer Clay FAQ

What is polymer clay?

Is polymer clay non-toxic?

Does polymer clay have any odor/scent?

Is the clay easy to mold?

What kind of work surface is best for clay?

Will the clay dry out or harden if left out?

Will polymer clay melt?

Is polymer clay waterproof?

What if the clay gets dirty?

Is polymer clay difficult to clean up?

What kind of moist towelettes do you use?

DIY Clay Kits

What are your DIY Clay Kits, and what comes in them?

Are these kits okay for children?

How long does it take to sculpt a figurine?

Will my figure look just like yours?

Are these figures toys?

Do you have custom kits?

What kind of oven do I need?

How long should I bake my figure?

Oh no- my figure burned in the oven! What can I do?

What if my figure breaks after its been baked?

How should I store my baked figure?

How long will my figure last?