Kids of all ages love to create themselves in clay!

To see kids of all ages, take lumps of clay to create themselves brings us no greater joy!

Planning a troop workshop?


 What comes in each kit:

What comes in each kit:

- Pre-cut & conditioned polymer clay

- Tools

- Nametag with name, troop, and year

- Pre-baked head

- Moist towelettes

- Step-by-step instruction guide

- Link for video tutorial

Kit choices allow for skin tone and hair personalization, making each one unique to its creator!

Skin tones: light, medium, & dark

Hair colors: blonde, brown, dark brown, red, black

AHG Bulk Pricing

          1 - 4 kits $19.95 each         5 - 9 kits $18.95 each        10 - 14 kits $17.95 each          15 plus please contact us  

A little history

Here's a glimpse of the history behind Bert's Clay Studio and the years of experience that went into the process of our DIY kits. From custom ornaments and sculptures to being licensed with a major ornament company we bring our knowledge to all of our students. 

 A quick introduction

A quick introduction

I’m Roberta “Bert” Prostor owner/ creator of Bert’s Clay Studio, LLC and Bert’s Clay Creations. I’ve been an ornament designer for well over 30 years. It has been my joy as well as passion as long as I can remember. As a child I loved to play with Play-Doh to create something using my imagination. I believe children should tap into their God-given gift of creativity with something tangible. Just like an artist paints or a sculptor sculpts with their hands, I believe a “hands on” experience is vital to children’s creativity and imagination.

I’ve been blessed to be a mother of 6 children and married to my husband for 38 years in June. When our children were younger, I would go into each class at Christmastime and teach their classmates the process of polymer clay. Carefully cutting the pieces in chunks, little toothpicks and hooks to hang, were all placed in plastic cups and passed out. I would teach them each step along the way and then take home to bake, bringing back the finished product to school the next day (with 6 classrooms times 20 plus children in each, you do the math!). The joy on their faces said it all and it was my reward of the gift God had given to me. To this day, I have those kids saying to me on Facebook “Mrs. Prostor I still have that ornament I made in 3rd grade and it’s  my favorite!” Parents too, cherish these precious ornaments their children had made years ago. 

I am so excited to teach new generations the wonderful medium of polymer clay!

A Family Business

Meet two of our 6 children. Both Virginia and Dani have been involved in my business since they were babies!

Danielle, my oldest daughter, has been helping with admin since she was a kid. I'm so excited to collaborate with her wonderful admin skills to help keep Bert's Clay Studio rolling! 

Virginia, our youngest daughter, has been my graphic designer and design consultant since 2012. Virginia is my creative partner as she incorporates her unique graphic designs in both Bert's Clay Creations and Bert's Clay Studio.

 A Family Business
 Bert's Clay Creations

Bert's Clay Creations

"More than just ornaments... they're memories!" has been my motto for many years. 

I've created personalized Christmas ornaments for well over 30 years. My ornaments have become a tradition passed down through generations. All of my designs are original and made to order. They are sculpted with years of experience and love! Who knows? Perhaps one of my "Clay Academy" students will take it to the next level! 


Licensed with Ornament Central

Bert is a licensed artist with Ornament Central where her designs are sold all over the world. 

 Licensed with Ornament Central

What makes our clay kits so special?

Much thought has been to design these kits for a user friendly experience. Sure you can go to your local craft store and purchase polymer clay, but chances are it will be hard and unmanageable for the girls to work with. Then you'll have to cut all the pieces and parts. It takes a lot of work on the troop leaders behalf and if not experienced in polymer clay, it's not as easy you may think!

I've participated in school workshops for many years and came up with a wonderful formula for a positive experience! Detailed instructions, tools, etc. make for an exceptional polymer clay workshop!